Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Merge Your World ~ Welcome to the official HelmetDress Blog

The Official HelmetDress Blog is Here!

HelmetDress - Helmet covers 
HelmetDress is a modern company based in Barcelona. Born in April 2006 with the mission to merge the motorcycle and fashion words. HelmetDress is the first and only company that has created a helmet cover patented and manufactured in Lycra® and polyester that fits every type of helmet and allows you to renew its image. Although the company operates in countries worldwide, our main office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

The HelmetDress Blog
Follow the HelmetDress Blog for evereything happening in the cool, underground world of fashion, design and motorcycle worlds. You will know what's happening, and everything worth knowing, welcome to our world. Welcome to The HelmetDress Blog.

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